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OLD TOM Hotel / Restaurant - Grote markt 8 - 8900 Ieper
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Welcome to the Old Tom hotel in Ieper.

Hotel/Restaurant Old Tom opened his doors in 1974.


Old Tom is a friendly family-run hotel in which the staff try to welcome our guests with open arms...


No need to tell a Tommy that the soldiers of The Great War had a way with a stiff drop of the hard stuff. Whilst Ypres lay in ruins and the shrapnel soared around him, an old Tommy demonstrated his business by improvising a stall on the demolished market square. On the very location which now holds the terrace, friend and foe were able to tank up on Dutch courage (not that the Dutch were at all involved in the Great War). After the war, the unassuming tipple shack got a venerable stonework replacement which not only lived up to its rust-free reputation but equally paid its respects to the name of the old warhorse.


These days, proceedings are a lot more civilised. Local residents and country folk meet around the joys of gastronomy in a stylish and respectable setting. Gill fresh lobsters and oysters from the lobster tank, served on a bed of ice, in the company of distant relatives straight from the sea serve to demonstrate that here, quality is as apparent as a cock on a spire. Various eel preparations, local dishes trailing the seasons as well as culinary theme nights mean that every visit brings new discoveries. Pheasant and hare are welcome guests in these parts during autumn, but if it were up to them they would probably prefer to turn a corner. Anyone shutting their eyes after dessert and focussing really hard, with a bit of luck will hear Old Toms gravelly voice in the far distance:


If now you must die, better don´t do it dry !!!